A Personal Tribute to the Late Thomas R. Russell, MD

Thomas Russell

by Dr. Laurence Yee, MD

Read on November 16, 2014 in Bolinas, California 

Dr. Thomas Russell is that once in a lifetime person and personality.

The 1 in a billion person.

And it was my great luck to be associated with him.

It is virtually impossible properly thank Dr. Russell for all of the teaching and mentorship he has personally provided me and all the hundreds of UCSF medical students and surgical residents who have had the privilege of working with him.

You have had a career and family that every surgeon aspires for.

Dr. Russell served as a US Navy surgeon during Vietnam, finished as Chief Resident in surgery at UCSF under Dr. William Blaisdell and Dr. JE Dunphy, recruited to join Dr. Peter Volpe in practice of colon and rectal surgery in San Francisco at age 33, succeeded Dr. Carlton Mathewson as Chairman of Surgery at California Pacific Medical Center at age 37, and left his surgical practice in his absolute prime at age 59 as he was recruited to become the Executive Director of the American College of Surgeons in Chicago succeeding Dr. Samuel Wells.

But to me, even more important than what you accomplished as a surgeon, was how you treated all people, whether they were patients, students, nurses, doctors, or even complete strangers.

…with respect, kindness, and compassion.

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James Constant, MD, FACS Installed as 65th President of UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society

james contantJames Constant, MD, FACS was recently installed as the 65th President of the UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society. Dr. Constant is a general surgeon with a practice at Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco where he serves as Assistant Physician in Chief, Surgical Services and Perioperative Quality and NSQIP (National Surgery Quality Improvement Program) Surgeon Champion. Dr. Constant is also an Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at UCSF and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.  

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UCSF Department of Surgery Presents 27th Annual Dunphy Resident Research Symposium

UCSF DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY 27TH ANNUAL RESIDENT RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM WINNERSThe UCSF Department of Surgery presented the annual Resident Research Symposium funded by the UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society on  April 25, 2014, an event that showcases the research of residents, fellows and medical students in the Department of Surgery and honors the life and accomplishments of J. Engelbert Dunphy, a legendary surgeon and former Chair of the Department. The 2014 Presentation Winners* were Best Basic Science Presentation, James Gardner, M.D., Ph.D.Best Clinical Science Presentation, Emily Huang, M.D.Outstanding Basic Science Presentation, Chris Derderian M.D. (Emory University surgical resident); Outstanding Clinical Science Presentation, Carolyn Seib, M.D.Best Basic Science “Quick-Shot, Cerine Jeanty, M.D.Best Clinical Science “Quick-Shot, Adam Laytin, M.D.

* Please click image above to enlarge

Complete List of 2014 Resident Research Abstracts

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UCSF Surgeon Peter Stock Plays Pivotal Role in Passage of Hope Act

A clinical investigation headed by UCSF transplant surgeon Peter G. Stock, M.D., Ph.D. (pictured far left) has led to the passage of the Hope Act lifting the ban on research into transplanting organs between HIV-positive donors and recipients. Dr. Stock was principal investigator on a large multi-center study testing the safety and feasibility of transplanting kidneys where both the donor and recipients were infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The group previously reported in NEJM that recipients of donated organs fared nearly as well as non-HIV infected recipients of similar transplants. A subsequent paper from Johns Hopkins projected that 500 to 600 H.I.V.-infected livers and kidneys would become available each year if the ban were repealed. Late in 2013, President Obama signed into bill a law overturning the ban on research in the area, a development with the potential to greatly increase the supply of kidneys to HIV-infected patients suffering from renal failure.

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NEJM – Outcomes of Kidney Transplantation in HIV-Infected Recipients
Kidney transplants Found Safe in HIV patients

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George F. Sheldon, MD, FACS, Great Humanist and Icon of American Surgery, Dies at 78

George F. SheldonGeorge F. Sheldon, MD, FACS, a great humanist and icon of American surgery at home and abroad, died of heart failure June 16, 2013 in Chapel Hill, NC. He was 78 years old. Dr. Sheldon was the Zack D. Owens Distinguished Professor of Surgery and Chairman of the department of surgery, chief of general surgery, and general surgery residency program director at the University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill.

Dr. Sheldon was a tireless advocate for the American College of Surgeons (ACS). He was elected the 79th President of the organization (1998-1999), after years of service as an ACS Governor and Secretary of the Board of Governors (1979-1982); as a member of the Board of Regents (1983-1992); on key committees and task force groups including the Committee on Trauma, Pre-and Post-Operative Care, and Communications. In 1985, he testified dramatically before Congress on behalf of the College to protect funding for graduate medical education. He was also first Editorial Advisor of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons.

Read full tribute with commentary by A. Brent Eastman, MD, FACS, and Anthony A. Meyer, MD, PhD, FACS, FRCS

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Carlos Corvera, M.D. Installed as 64th President of UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society

corvera2012 (1)Carlos Corvera, M.D. was recently installed as the 64th President of the UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society. Dr. Corvera is Associate Professor of Surgery and Chief of Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgery at UCSF. His clinical and research focus is the treatment of benign and malignant hepatobiliary disease. Dr. Corvera earned his MD at UC San Diego School of Medicine. He completed his general surgery residency at UCSF followed by fellowships in surgical oncology and hepatobiliary surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. 

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UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society Holds Annual Meeting, Inducts New Members, Passes Leadership Baton

imageThis year’s annual meeting was held on May 17, 2013 at the Marines’ Memorial Club & Hotel in San Francisco. The didactic program, “Surgical Education & Training in the 21st Century”, was presented in tandem with the UCSF 2013 Post Graduate Course in General Surgery, chaired by Hobart W. Harris, M.D., M.P.H.   The annual Naffziger Lecture, “The Surgeon as a Leader: Improving Quality, Decreasing Costs” was given by Carlos A. Pellegrini, MD, (pictured left) Chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Washington. The highlight of the Annual Naffziger Dinner at One Market Restaurant was the induction of  seven graduating UCSF Chief Residents as members of the Society. The Society’s new President  for 2013-2014, Carlos U. Corvera, M.D., was formally introduced and the new Executive Council installed. The dinner also featured updates by Dr. Nancy Ascher, Professor & Chair of the UCSF Department of Surgery, and warm anecdotes from other surgeons in attendance.

Full Summary and Highlights of the 2013 Naffziger Annual Meeting 

2013-14 UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society Executive Council

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UCSF Bariatric Surgery Program Excellence Highlighted in Moving Patient Story

rogers2012forwebThe story of James Dials’, a gregarious 62-year-old limousine driver who weighed 4oo lbs. and was down on his luck is riveting.   “My life was very uncomfortable,” Dials said. “I was a diabetic and I injected insulin. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol. I was on all kinds of medications.”

That’s when he discovered the UCSF Bariatric Surgery Program, a Level 1 accredited center for weight-loss surgery by the Bariatric Surgery Center Network of the American College of Surgeons, which means they provide complete bariatric surgical care. It is a nationally certified “center of excellence,” which offers a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss. “James had relatively advanced obesity,” says Stanley M. Rogers, (pictured left) MD, chief of Minimally Invasive Surgery and director of the Bariatric Surgery Center and Liver Tumor Ablation Program at UCSF Medical Center. “And we know that weight loss either with or without surgery can significantly impact those medical problems, and can make these medical problems called co-morbidities go away as weight loss occurs.”

“I have all sorts of choices now,” he said. “It’s like a kid getting a new toy on Christmas. That’s how life is to me now. Everything is new in life now. I have more self-esteem and I care more about myself. I ask for help now and I stay teachable.”

Read the full story in UCSF News


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Building a Personal Connection: The Mentoring Philosophy of Nancy Ascher, M.D., Ph.D.

ascher2012 (2)

Dr. (Nancy) Ascher excels in her role as Chair of Surgery, not only for her inexplicable foresight, but because she stays connected to trainees and students. This year, Dr. Ascher received the Francis Moore Excellence in Mentorship in the Field of Transplantation Surgery Award from the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.

Residents and fellows noted that Dr. Ascher is an effective mentor because she treats them like colleagues and not just trainees. Residents and fellows felt “immersed and integral in the program which empowered them and helped their growth.” Dr. Ascher emphasizes that a meaningful mentor-mentee relationship allows an honest exchange about the student’s career path and the mentor’s willingness to be that student’s advocate.

But how personal can a mentorship be, or is it strictly a professional relationship? Dr. Ascher believes that “elements of caring, friendship come from a good mentorship.” However, she acknowledges the fine line that exists to protect the privacy and separate personal lives of the mentor and mentee. The role of an effective mentor is not to judge the mentee but to get to know the student, so that the mentor can advise the student appropriately. Opening up to a mentor helps students understand what’s realistic and reasonable for them.”   Excerpted from Synapse, the UCSF student-run weekly

Read more

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UCSF Department of Surgery Presents 26th Annual Dunphy Resident Research Symposium

Awards Announced for 27th Annual J. Engelbert Dunphy Resident Research SymposiumThe UCSF Department of Surgery presented the annual Resident Research Symposium funded by the UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society on  April 9, 2013, an event that showcases the research of residents, fellows and medical students in the Department of Surgery and honors the life and accomplishments of J. Engelbert Dunphy, a legendary surgeon and former Chair of the Department. The award for “Best Abstract” went to Robert Bell, MD with runners-up Jessica Beard, MD, MPH and Randi Smith, MD MPH.  Xiaoti Xu, MD received the award  for “Best Quick Shot”.  Jack Harbell, MD and Cristina O’Donohue, MD received Honorable Mention certificates for their presentations.

* Please click image above to enlarge

More about the 2013 Winners
Complete List of 2013 Resident Research Abstracts

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