Dr. Laura Esserman Featured as Pioneer in Breast Cancer Research

UCSF Department of Surgery & PBS Video – March 25, 2011

UCSF breast surgeon Laura J. Esserman, M.D., M.B.A. (pictured left), and medical oncologist Hope S. Rugo, M.D.  are featured on PBS’ “Need to Know” series as pioneers in breast cancer research. Dr. Esserman discussed the I-SPY 2 TRIAL in which pharmaceutical companies collaboratively bring multiple experimental therapies to the marketplace, allowing numerous combinations novel agents to be tested in clinical trials iteratively. Specific drug combinations are personalized to the  molecular characteristics of each patient’s tumor using sophisticated biomarker assays. Dr. Rugo is leading a study to improve the quality of life in chemotherapy patients through a new treatment that cools the scalp and prevents or minimizes hair loss.

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